The “Internet’s Favourite Alpaca Herd’s” New Digs at Vanderlaand The Barnyard Zoo!

If you have followed the saga of the alpaca herd that became famous thanks to a video posted by the Ottawa Citizen, you’ll be happy to know that five of the six — Llucy, Stormy, J-Lo, Rocky and Snowflake – are now happily calling Vanderlaand the Barnyard Zoo, their new home. The Citizen was interested enough to come out and check out the alpaca’s new digs and did another story and video to follow up and the herd has garnered quite the following.

The internet's favourite alpaca herd finds a new home

The alpacas have settled in nicely and the new herd is starting to mingle with the other resident Alpaca herd – Laverne, Shirley, Brownie, Farrah, Iggy, Blackie, Blue, & Lola. Their first week here, there were two distinct herds, but now they are interacting more. The new herd is still quite distinguishable with their many burs which they will lose at their shearing in the spring. Within another week, they should become one big happy herd.

If you’re interested in coming out and meeting the famous alpacas, our farm will be open on Dec 31st and Jan 6th from 11-3 for our “Christmas Trees for Critters” event. We invite people to bring their real Christmas trees (all tinsel & decorations removed please) and bring them for our animals instead of taking them to the dump. The trees make a tasty treat for the animals and we welcome you to walk around the farm and meet some of the critters. The farm will open back up in May for our 10th season (Sundays 11am-4pm May through October). You won’t want to miss our Shearing day May 27 from 11-4, see the alpacas lose their burs and maybe even get some fleece from the famous alpaca herd!

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